The Primary school children enjoys children enjoys the advantages of variety by learning music, art, physical education, library reading, computer education, drama, choir, dance, yoga along with regular curriculum. Emphasis is placed on balanced with daily reading and writing.


                 Middle school programs are structured, student centered and enquiry based. Students learn to share experiences work in teams and transfer knowledge gained in one area to another through cross curricular projects & themes.


                 Growth in body, mind & spirit, an ability to deal with the world promoting civility and the ethical dimension in all aspects of human relations are the goals of the high school programme. There is more to high school than academic learning. Boys and girls take important responsibilities in sports, drama, music, the art& community service In short, we emphasis on active learning and providing a system of education that leads to the gaining of both knowledge & skills. The curriculum and the method of teaching is constantly updated to keep pace with changes in international education.


                 All the classrooms are bright, cheerful and air conditioned. We have deligent, experienced & highly qualified teachers and curriculum programmers. Cauvery International School has spacious and aesthetically designed classrooms.

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