Cauvery International School follows Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE curriculum. Specially trained &experienced teachers are there for providing academic excellence. We believe that the traditional teach and test, wrote – learning model alienates a child for learning. So our goal is to empower students with the ability to transfer knowledge into action. We follow child centered learning rather than teacher centered approach. Our academic programme will develop children into a total individual. The children will be highly skilled in today’s world that demands the bridging of several disciplines. We follow a curriculum which is alive and constantly evolving. Our school program allows each child to achieve his / her maximum potential. We focus on developing every child’s learning attitude, character and leadership qualities. Our school children’s activities are monitored at home also through “My Daily Time Table At Home” Our School supports for those who wish to appear for competitive examination. We pay special attention on communication & inter personal skills. Cauvery International School has arrangements for continuous monitoring of both academic and co curricular activities. The school offers apt physical and social environment to set world bench mark in quality and child friendly education.


                  Becoming a successful reader, writer and mathematician is a long journey for a child. At Cauvery International School, the journey begins in Pre – primary. The program operates at three different levels.

  • Pre Fundamentals
  • Basic Fundamentals
  • Advanced Fundamentals

Early literary skills are developed using innovative reading and decoding methods. The pre- primary programme aims at promoting the major areas of development of the child namely physical motor cognitive, social & emotions.

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